Experience Across Industries

Impact Advisors has deep experience spanning many of the S&P 500 industrial and consumer sub-sectors including:

  • E-Commerce

  • SaaS and loT

  • Business Services

  • Healthcare

  • Industrials and Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Aviation and Aerospace 

  • Baby and Juvenile

  • Pet

  • Outdoor and Fitness

  • Home and Home Improvement

  • Restaurants, Food and Hospitality

  • Beauty and Personal Care

  • Supplements and Nutraceuticals

  • Marketing Agencies

Transactions Powered by Trust

Each transaction is a success story for a discerning business owner looking for guidance from a trusted and experienced M&A partner.

Our process is personal, proficient and success-driven. 

Your Path to Success

We are thoroughly experienced at leading and managing acquisition and divestiture transaction processes across a wide array of industries, for large and small companies, with public or private ownership.

Our principals have successfully completed transactions ranging between $5M to over $100M of enterprise value.

Our commitment to our clients is to execute a sale process that achieves maximum value and optimal outcomes, with minimal stress and distractions.Our clients will tell you that we optimize their key deal terms, protect their confidentiality, and maximize optionality all while achieving full market value.

We have established relationships with private equity firms, family offices, and corporate buyers, giving us tremendous insight and access to complete deals with the best counterparty.

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